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Canada Visa immigration is regarded one of the best in the world as it is brimming with better opportunities for employment as well as personal growth. The easy and flexible Canada Visa Programs make it one of the world’s top immigration destinations.

The country has become an attractive pole for immigrants from around the world who are seeking for a host country that will give them good opportunities. More than 250,000 new immigrants arrive in Canada every year in search of a better quality of life and money.

Keeping the current level of opportunity for migrants in mind, there is no denying the fact that there has never been a better time to apply for a Canadian visa. The Canada immigration section of our website has been created to help potential immigrants aiming to live and work in Canada to get their visas promptly and with a minimum of trouble. Our dedicated and expert in-house team of Canadian visa consultants comprising ICCRC members and Immigration lawyers can help you all Canadian visa needs.

Popular immigration routes to Canada

  • The Skilled Worker categoryis a very popular visa program specially designed for people with high levels of skills and experience
  • The Canadian Student Visa Program offers a study permit that allows foreign nationals to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) in Canada.
  • The Canadian Business Immigrationcategory is designed to attract skilled business people to Canada and make a helpful contribution in the country’s economy
  • The Provincial Nominee Programis one of the fast track ways to move Canada, which aims to help employers in Quebec and other Canadian provinces to meet their needs by hiring migrant workers

With SJD TRAVEL PVT LTD’ Canadian immigration expertise, moving to Canada is easy and hassle free.

Contact SJD TRAVEL PVT LTD today for an extensive information about Canada visas, Canadian citizenship/permanent residence, and more.


Canada Skilled Worker Visa

Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers
Skilled Workers and professionals are people, whose education and work experience help them find work and settle down as Permanent Residents in any country they wish to make their home. With large number of people retiring in developed countries like Canada every year, the need for skilled manpower is growing tremendously. A whole new world awaits skilled workers & professionals wanting to work in Canada.

Canada is the land of immense opportunities. The bountiful maple country is home to multi-cultural individuals from across the world. Known for its cultural and environmental diversity, Canada is where the heart is at peace. One of the most vibrant economies of the world and the booming employment sector make it the most sought after destinations for the skilled workers and professionals.

Canada is on the lookout for young, self-motivated and well-educated skilled workers & professionals to contribute to its economic growth. Having a knowledge-based economy, the country is seeking job ready professionals who can fulfill the requirements and adapt in the rapidly changing job market. Canada skilled worker visa is the life changing reward for all hardworking skilled workers and professionals looking to make a living in the maple country.

Employment Prospects
The immigration authority of Canada has been introducing reforms from time to time to help making the process hassle-free and transparent for the deserving people. The focus has shifted to choosing skilled workers and professionals with flexible and manageable skills required to be successful in the effervescent economy of Canada. Work experience with proficiency in English, backed with relevant skills provides a solid platform for those who wish to be successful in life.

The unemployment rate is quite low and Canada offers fast track Express Entry Program and PNP linked Express Entry streams in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick. The country also offers Skilled Worker Program and Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) in the provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan and many others. Getting a work permit is a lot easier for the people who meet the comprehensive ranking system requirements.

Professionals in High Demand
Engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Software & Petroleum), Technicians, Teachers, Professors & Lecturers, Nurses, Healthcare, IT, Sales & Mktg, Banking, Insurance, Finance & Accounts, Insurance Adjusters, Trades Persons and many more are in high demand in the country.

Immigration to Canada is highly available to individuals who have the adequate skills and they can raise their standard of living in a progressive country.


Express Entry Program for Canada

The government of Canada opened doors for immigrants when it introduced the Express Entry Canada system in January 2015. Now, it has opened up its arms to welcome immigrants as it further plans to make immigration simpler.

Rules have been molded to make it simpler for candidates applying for Canada permanent residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class will see major changes in regulations.

The significant changes that have taken place in job offers include:

  • A qualifying job offer if contained in Major Group 00 of the National Occupational Classification will be worth 200 points.
  • Any other qualifying job offer of arranged employment is now worth 50 points.
  • As per new changes, 15-30 points will be awarded to students having acquired higher education in Canada.

Anyone who is accepted into the Express Entry pool could get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Only the candidates who fall in the top bracket will get this ITA. The draws will be conducted every month. If the candidate has been invited to apply, the candidate will have 60 days to submit a complete Application for Permanent Residence online.

To sum up, once the online application is received it goes through the following steps:

Step 1- Candidates create an Express Entry profile identifying their skills and qualifications in an online resume. The profile is then ranked against other applicants based on various factors that indicate that the candidate will be an asset to the Canadian workforce.

Step 2- Those applicants that do not have a Canadian job offer from an employer will need to register themselves at the Canada Job Bank site”. It should be optional, as the requirement of getting oneself register at Job banks is optional now.

Step 3- If an application is selected, the applicant will be issued an Invitation to Apply to which he/she needs to respond within 60 days’ time to qualify for permanent residence.

After the candidate has received an Invitation To Apply and has applied for Permanent Residency, the applicant will get the Permanent Residency Visa within 6 months.

Details of Express Entry Draws conducted so far:

Express Entry Draws: 2020

Draw No Draw Date CRS Cut Off ITAs Issued
164 30-September-2020 471 (*All-program draw) 4,200
163 16-September-2020 472 (*All-program draw) 4,200
162 2-September-2020 475 (*All-program draw) 4,200
161 20-August-2020 454 (*Canadian Experience Class) 3,300
160 19-August-2020 771 (*Provincial Nominee Class) 600
159 6-August-2020 415 (*Federal Skilled Trades) 250
158 5-August-2020 476 (*all-program draw) 3900
157 23-July-2020 445 (*Canadian Experience Class only) 3343
156 22-July-2020 687 (*Provincial nominees only) 557
155 8-July-2020 478 3,900
154 25-June-2020 431 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,508
153 24-June-2020 696 *Provincial nominees only 392
152 11-June-2020 437 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,559
151 10-June-2020 743 *Provincial nominees only 341
150 28-May-2020 440 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,515
149 27-May-2020 757 *Provincial nominees only 385
148 15-May-2020 447 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,371
147 14-May-020 718 *Provincial nominees only 529
146 1-May-2020 452 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,311
145 29-April-2020 692 *Provincial Nominees only 589
144 16-April-2020 808 *Canadian Experience Class (CEC)only 3,782
143 15-April-2020 808 *Provincial Nominees only 118
142 9-April-2020 464 *Canadian Experience Class only 3,294
141 9-April-2020 698 *Provincial Nominees only 606
138 4-March-2020 471 3900
137 19-February-2020 470 4500
136 5-February-2020 472 3500
135 22-January-2020 471 3400
134 8-January-2020 473 3400


Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program

Canada, the maple leaf nation is among the highly developed countries of the world. The country offers a stable economy, friendly government, classic living standards and an excellent working environment. The Federal Skilled Worker Program is for immigrants to Canada who are selected as permanent residents on the basis of their ability to economically establish themselves in Canada.

If you are planning to apply under the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program, then we are the right people to contact to. At SJD TRAVEL PVT LTD, we are a team of expert consultants who have years of experience in the field of global resettlement procedures and visa processes. Our consultants will guide you through the entire immigration process, inform you about the on-going work scenarios and help you gain permanent residence in Canada with a Federal Skilled Worker Program efficiently and conveniently.

Eligibility Criteria
In order to qualify for Canada Immigration Visa for permanent residency as a Canadian Federal Skilled Worker applicant, you must:

  • have a minimum of one year if uninterrupted full time (or equivalent) work experience in the past 10 years under a skilled occupations (Skill Type O,A, B) or
  • have an arranged employment (job offered by a Canadian employer) with regard to the Labour Market Impact Assessment criteria
  • have completed two years of study in Canada towards a PhD or a PhD in Canada, from a recognized Canadian institution, and
  • pass the language ability exam for one of Canada’s two official languages – English and French

Along with the above mentioned points, you are also expected to attain a minimum score of 67 points on the Points Test Table as defined by the Citizenship and Immigration of Canada (CIC) From January 1, 2015, the Federal Skilled Worker applications are being processed through the Express Entry selection system for immigration to Canada, which means a faster way of obtaining Canada Immigration Visa for permanent residency.

Canada Immigration Process – Federal Skilled Worker Program
Expression of Interest
If you fulfill the above mentioned eligibility criteria under Federal Skilled Worker Program, you must first make an Expression of Interest for immigrating to Canada and create an online profile for the same. You must provide information about your age, work experience, skills, language ability, education qualification and other personal information as mentioned in the profile. Once your qualification is confirmed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), you are placed in a pool of candidates which are ranked according to the Comprehensive Ranking System.

Improve Ranking under Comprehensive Ranking System
Candidates who are ranked highest are issued an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residency when the Government of Canada conducts regular draws from the pool. Therefore, it is best for you as a candidate to improve your score so that you are ranked higher and your chances of receiving an invitation to apply increase.

Invitation to Apply
An Invitation to Apply is issued to those candidates who have been selected to apply for immigration to Canada by CIC through its Express Entry selection system.

As soon as you receive the invitation, you have a span of 60 days to submit a complete and accurate application form along with all the supporting documents. The submission of a complete application is considered as acceptance to the invitation sent by CIC. Once all the portions of the document checklist are completed and uploaded, you will receive an Acknowledgment of Receipt (AOR) issued by CIC which will further reviews your application and determines your eligibility for the program.

Medical Examination and Security Check
Medical examination is mandatory for all the applicants. It includes standard physical exam, blood tests, urine tests and X-rays. These are conducted to check the applicants for any kind of medical condition that may pose a risk to citizens of Canada.

Application Review
Your application is reviewed by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer. He/she conducts a detailed analysis of all the information furnished in the e-application and all the supporting documents as well as assesses the application against the prevailing selection criteria defined by the Government of Canada.

Passport and Right of Permanent Resident Fee
After a detailed assessment, the Canadian Immigration Visa Officer will request for the Right of Permanent Resident Fee payment and your passport to issue you a Canada Immigration Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker program.



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